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Pure Natural Essential Oils and Absolutes produced in France

We sell only 100 % pure natural essential oils and absolutes. Products in the list are available in Bulk (starting from 8 oz) only. If you would like to place an order on one of the products below, please send your inquire to

Absolutes are extracted from a concrete using pure alcohol or liquid carbon dioxide. Absolutes are highly concentrated, generally thick liquids. Some are solid or semi solid. The carbon dioxide method of extraction is preferred for therapeutic absolutes, as even after evaporation some absolutes still retain traces of alcohol. Solvent extraction provides a means of obtaining a higher volatile yield from the plant or, in some cases, a product that cannot be obtained by other extraction processes, e.g. Jasmin or Carnation (with the potential current exception of hypercritical CO2 extraction which remains, in many cases, a very expensive process). In this process, the plants are immersed in the solvent and the 'separation' is performed chemically, employing distillation under special temperatures which condense the oil but not the solvents.

     Alternatively, the absolute is obtained from the CONCRETE (which is itself derived from soaking the plant material in hexane). The concrete mixture is then concentrated (double-distilled) and further diluted in alcohol or double-filtered to arrive at the absolute, in which the majority of plant waxes and solvent residues are eliminated.

ambrette seed absolute extra
ambrette seed oil
ambrette seed oil extra
angelique root oil extra
angelica root oil extra
anise seed oil extra
armoise oil extra
basil exotic oil extra
basil oil extra
bay oil rectified
bay oil terpeneless extra
beewax absolute

benzoin absolute

benzoin resinoid
benzoin resinoid extra
benzoin sumatra resinoid
bergamot italy oil extra
bergamot oil terpeneless extra
bergamot oil rectified extra
birch tar oil purified extra
birch tar oil rectified extra
blackcurrant bud absolute
blackcurrant bud absolute extra
bois de rose oil extra
broom absolute extra
buchu betulina oil extra
buchu crenulata oil extra
cabreuva oil extra
cade oil rectified extra
cajeput oil extra
calamus oil (beta azarone < 5%)
calamus oil azarone ( < 100ppm)
camomille blue oil extra
camomille roman oil extra
camomille wild oil extra
caraway oil extra
cardamom absolute extra
cardamom oil extra
carrot seed oil extra
carrot seed oil terpeneless extra
cassia oil extra
cassie absolute
castoreum absolute
castoreum absolute extra
cedarwood texas oil extra
cedarwood virginia oil extra
celery leaf oil
celery seed oil extra
cinnamon ceylon oil extra
cinnamon leaf oil extra
cistus oil concentrated
cistus oil extra
citronella oil rectified extra
civet absolute
civet absolute extra
clary sage absolute extra
clary sage oil extra
clove bud absolute extra
clove bud oil extra
cognac green oil
cognac white oil
cognac white oil extra
copaiba oil extra
coriander leaf oil extra
coriander oil extra
cumin oil extra
cypress oil extra
davana oil extra
dill herb oil extra
dill seed oil extra
elderflower absolute extra
elemi oil extra
elemi resinoid BB
eucalyptus oil extra
fennel sweet oil extra
fenugreekreslnold extra
flouve absolute extra
flouve creation absolute
flouve creation oil
galbanum absolute
galbanum oil concentrated
galbanum oil extra
galbanum resinoid perfumery
garlic oil extra
gentian reslnold extra
geranlum bourbon oil extra
geranlum oil extra
ginger oil extra
grapefruit oil extra
helichrysum absolute extra
helichrysum oil exlra
hop absolute extra
hop oil extra
hyssop oil extra
jasmine egyptian absolute extra
jasmine india absolute extra
juniperberry oil extra
labdanum absolute extra
labdanum oil colourless
labdanum reslnold extra
labdanum spanish absolute
laurel noble oil extra
lavandin abrialis oil extra
lavandin absolute extra
lavandin grosso oil extra
lavender absolute
lavender oil extra
lemon italy oil extra
lemon oil concentrated
lemongrass oil extra
lovage root oil extra
mace absolute extra
mandarin oil concentrated
mandarin red oil extra
marjoram cultivated oil extra
marjoram wild oil extra
mate absolute colourless
mate reslnold extra
melissa oil (lemon on melissa)
melissa oil composed

mimosa french absolute extra

mimosa india absolute extra
mimosa morocco absolute extra
myrrh oil extra
myrrh resinoid perfumery
myrtle oil extra
neroli oil tunisian extra
nutmeg oil extra
oakmoss yugoslavian absolute extra
olibanum absolute
olibanum oil extra
olibanum oil pyrogenated
olibanum resinoid perfumery
onion oil extra
opoponax absolute extra
opoponax oil extra
orange flower absolute extra
orange flower water absolute extra
orange sweet oil extra
origanum oil extra
orris absolute extra
orris concrete 15%
orris concrete 8%
orris flopentlne resinoid extra
osmanthus absolute extra
parsley leaf oil extra
parsley seed oil extra
patchouli absolute extra
patchouli oil redlstllled extra
patchouli old oil
patchouli old 0il extra
peach tree leaf absolute extra
pepper blackoil extra
peppermint oil extra
peru arsolute extra
peru oil extra
peru reslnold extra
petitgrain bigarade oil
petitgrain cltronnler oil
petitgrain mandarlnler oil extra
petitgrain paraguay oil extra
petitgrain paraguay oil rectified extra
pimento berry oil extra
pimento leaf oil extra
pine siberian oil extra
pine sylvestris absolute
raspberry leaf absolute extra
rose morocco absolute extra
rose turkish oil extra
rosemary oil extra
sage officinalis oil extra
sandalwood oil extra
savory oil extra
seaweed absolute
seaweed absolute extra
seaweed absolute 'la' extra
strawberry leaf absolute extra
styrax honduras reslnold extra
styrax oil neutral extra
styrax oil pyrogenated
tagete absolute extra
tagete oil extra
tarragon oil extra
tea black absolute extra
tea green absolute extra
tea-tree oil extra
thyme red oil extra
thyme white oil
tobacco absolute
tolu absolute
tolu absolute colourless
tolu balsam absolute extra
tolu reslnold perfumery
tonka absolute 'a'
tonka absolute extra
tonka reslnold extra
tonka reslnold perfumery
valerian oil extra

vanilla absolute soluble

vanilla absolute soluble extra
verbena absolute extra
verbena of grasse oil ifra
vetiver oil extra
violet leaf absolute
violet leaf absolute extra
violet leaf egyptian absolute extra
ylang ylang oil extra
ylang ylang oil i
ylang ylang oil iii
ambernote md
blackcurrant bud absolute md
cardamom absolute md
clstus absolute md
elderflower absolute md
flouve absolute md
flouve oil md
hop absolute md
labdanum reslnold md
oakmoss absolute md
olibanum reslnold md
orris reslnold md
osmanthus absolute md
patchouly absolute md
peach tree leaf absolute md
raspberry leaf absolljte md
seaweed absolute md
styrax oil pyrogenated md
thyme absolute md
tobacco absolute md
verbena absolute md

violet leaf absolute md

ambrettolide natural
benzyl acetate natural
carvone dextro natural
caryophyllene beta natural
cinnamic alcohol natural
cinnamic aldelhyde natural
cinnamyl cinnamat natural
citral 95% min. natural
citronellol laevo natural
diosphenol natural
elemol natural
estragol natural
eugenol natural
fenchone dextro 98% natural
geraniol natural
geraniol natural ex monarda
linalool dextro natural
linalool laevo natural
linalyl acetate natural
linalyl acetate natural n° 2
methyl methylanthranilate natural
methyl salicylate natural
myrcene natural
nerolidol natural
ocimene natural
octyl butyrate natural
rhodinol natural
terpenyl acetate natural
thymol natural
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