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Essential Oils

We sell only 100 % pure natural essential oils. If you have special requests on oils in Bulk essential oils or need oils immediately, please send us e-mail to: All prices on essential oils are in $ CAN. To check if the products you are interested are presently on sale in our international online shop (click here). We have most of aromatherapy products available in bulk - 3 kg, 5 kg, 12,5 kg, 50 kg or 190 kg.

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essential oils elemi

canarium luzonicum


essential oils erigeron fleabane

erigeron canadensis


essential oils eucalyptus lemon

eucalyptus citriodora


essential oils eucalyptus 80 85%

eucalyptus globulus


essential oils eucalyptus

eucalyptus globulus


essential oils eucalyptus

eucalyptus globulus


essential oils eucalyptus unrectified

eucalyptus globulus


essential oils eucalyptus radiata

eucalyptus radiata


essential oils eucalyptus smithii wild

eucalyptus smithii

We offer a variety of fragrances for soap and candle manufacturing as well as for use directly on the body as a skin safe perfume oil.
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