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Fragrance Oils

Pure Synthetic Fragrance oils for soap and candle manufacturing. All prices are in $ US. Click on the price tag to buy or for more information.

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fragrances Papaya 4 oz

fragrances Passion Flower 4 oz

fragrances Passion Fruit 4 oz

fragrances Patchouli 4 oz

fragrances Peach 4 oz

fragrances Peach Blossom 4 oz

fragrances Pear 4 oz

fragrances Pecan Pie 4 oz

fragrances Peony 4 oz

fragrances Peppermint 4 oz

fragrances Pikaki 4 oz

fragrances Pina Colada 4 oz

fragrances Pineapple 4 oz

fragrances Pink Grapefruit 4 oz

fragrances Plumeria 4 oz

fragrances Pomegranate 4 oz

fragrances Pumpkin 4 oz

Papaya fragrance 8 oz

Passion Flower fragrance 8 oz

Passion Fruit fragrance 8 oz

Patchouli fragrance 8 oz

Peach fragrance 8 oz

Peach Blossom fragrance 8 oz

Pear fragrance 8 oz

Pecan Pie fragrance 8 oz

Peony fragrance 8 oz

Peppermint fragrance 8 oz

Pikaki fragrance 8 oz

Pina Colada fragrance 8 oz

Pineapple fragrance 8 oz

Pink Grapefruit fragrance 8 oz

Plumeria fragrance 8 oz

Pomegranate fragrance 8 oz

Pumpkin fragrance 8 oz

Papaya fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Passion Flower fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Passion Fruit fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Patchouli fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Peach fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Peach Blossom fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pear fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pecan Pie fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Peony fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Peppermint fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pikaki fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pina Colada fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pineapple fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pink Grapefruit fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Plumeria fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pomegranate fragrance 16oz- 1LB

Pumpkin fragrance 16oz- 1LB

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