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Definition of oils

Essential Oil

A non -oily and highly fragrant Essence which is extracted from a plant by distillation and fast evaporates.

Infused Oil

A vegetable Oil which has been infused with the fragrance of an aromatic plant by mixing the two together and heating. The resulting Oil is delicately fragrant, very greasy and does not evaporate.

Aromatic Oil
A term which can indicate either or both of the above. Sometimes incorrectly used to describe a perfume Oil.
Aromatic Chemical
Essential Oils consist of aromatic chemicals. Most essential oils have between 50 and 500 different chemical constituents.

Base (Carrier) Oils

Base, or Carrier Oils are vegetable, nut or seed Oils, which has to be used to dilute the Essential Oil (s). These Oils themselves have therapeutic Properties and presents a good source of Nutrients and Energy.

Combinations of resins, fragrant woods and gums in solid or powdered forms which are burned to create an aromatic smoke.

Massage Oil
Massage Oil is a mix of Essential and Carrier Oil, which should be used for external purpose. Sometimes, only Carrier Oil might be used for a massage, because of skin nourishing and therapeutic qualities. Infused Oils also should be used for a Massage.

Milk Bath
A fragrant foam, liquid or powered, containing a derivative (including Essential Oil (s)) which provides emollients and moisturizers for the Skin when added to the Bath.

An attractive scent, from the Latin Fragrare (to smell).

Fragrance Oil
A combination of Essential oils with added chemicals and fixed Oils.
Perfumes consist of a man-made mixture of aromatic chemicals and essential Oils. Up until the nineteenth century all perfumes were composed of natural aromatic Oils. Modern perfumes are almost synthetic and may contain up to 300 different elements in its blend At the present time Natural pure perfumes you can find very rare and they contains no synthetic ingredients. Perfumes usually have an alcoholic base and up to 30% concentration of Fragrances.

A toilet water
a light version of scent with a 4 to 8 % concentration of Fragrances and synthetic Essential Oils in an alcohol and distilled water base.

Cologne contains a lower percentage of fragrance than a perfume or toilet water (2 to 5%) in an alcohol and distilled water base and often used as an after-bath splash.

Perfume Oil
The fragrant ingredients of Perfume prepared on the non-greasy oil base.

Aromatic scent secreted by animals and insects, influencing behavior of their own or different species.

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